Andy Butler 

Writer + Curator + Artist

Photo Credit: Jacqui Shelton

Selected Writing:


“James Nguyen & Victoria Pham” (The Saturday Paper, August 15 2020) - profile

“The already isolated: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah” (Art Guide Australia, 21 July 2020) - profile 

“22nd Biennale of Sydney: NIRIN” (The Saturday Paper, July 04 2020) - review 

“Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres” (The Saturday Paper, March 14 2020) - review

“Notes on measuring value, progress, productivity - Brad Darksons Hold Me”  (in Adelaide//International 2020 Catalogue, Samstag Museum of Art) - catalogue essay


‘Sparring Parker’ - Cornelia Parker at the MCA (The Saturday Paper, Nov 23 2019)

‘Safe White Spaces’ (in Permanent Recession, ed. Channon Goodwin, Onamatapee Projects, 2019)

Transcending Signals -Haroon Mirza’s The Construction of an Act (The Saturday Paper Oct 19, 2019)

Place to Dwell - this mob at West Space (The Saturday Paper Aug 10, 2019)

Trace Against Time - TarraWarra International 2019: The Tangible Trace (The Saturday Paper Jun 15, 2019)

National Inquiries - The National 2019: New Australian Art (The Saturday Paper Apr 13, 2019)

‘Eulogy for My Career’ (in The Near and the Far Vol. II anthology, Scribe Publications, 2019)

“Vicious Ingratitude” (Shapes of Knowledge exhibition catalogue, published by Monash University Museum of Art and Perimeter Editions, 2019)

Beholden to Images: artist profile on Hoda Afshar (Art Guide Australia, Jan/Feb 2019)


‘Primavera 2018: Young Australian Artists’ at the MCA (The Monthly, Dec 20 2018)

The Big Uneasy - Patricia Piccinini & Joy Hester: Through Love... (The Saturday Paper Dec 15, 2018)

Inherited Histories: artist profile on Phuong Ngo (Art Guide Australia, Nov/Dec 2018)

A Gig Economy (Writing in the Expanded Field, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 2018)

Public Display of Disaffection - Steven Rhall’s Defunctionalised Autonomous Objects (The Saturday Paper Oct 27, 2018)


Safe White Spaces (Runway Journal #35: SPACE, Dec 2017)

Beyond Diversity as Mere Representation (Overland, Nov 2016)

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles